We take care of
every detail for you.
Our Service in 4 Easy Steps...

STEP 1. We ship you one of our cool toy stations.

Not only does your new station offer games kids love
to play with – the game boards also give kids the
mobility to stay with their parents while they shop,
eat or conduct business. In our humble opinion,
keeping kids with their parents is a vastly superior
method of managing kids in places of business.

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STEP 2. We stock it with toys that are
mounted to lap play boards.

Toys are modified to best fit your needs. No loose pieces. Sound is disabled. Toys all have serial numbers.
Our goal - get children to be quiet and happy.
We want parents to perceive their children are being especially well-behaved.

STEP 3. We exchange the toys every month
100% FREE via UPS in our special S4K box and
provide refills for the disinfectant wipes parents
use on the toys before their child plays with the toy.

Big toys, little toys, expensive toys and cheap toys WEAR OUT quickly, get broken or become useless. We keep your program looking first class, not hobo-class.

STEP 4. We inspect the toys, clean & disinfect them.

We document when the toy was put into service. We have developed our own software that documents the different days it was inspected.

"Four Years of Service. Hundreds of Happy Clients. Thousands of Toy Exchanges Millions of ecstatic Customers."

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A majority of the time a parent sees toys or a play area in a business, they have an unfavorable impression. Why? Germs!

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